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Major Paint Correction


Paintwork perfection. By using a wide range of machine cut and polishing techniques to safely remove heavier defects found on most vehicles (random deep scratches, bird poo etching, panel beater buffer trails and sanding marks) a Major Paint Correction Detail is perfect for the tired, lifeless car that requires a second lease of life. 


Sometimes 100% correction isn’t always possible, so compromises has to be made on areas with thin clear coat. Also, as a general rule, scratches that you can ‘feel’ with your fingernail will usually require paint (However they can be visibly reduced by ‘rounding off’ the edges with correct machine technique). Typically, over 95% correction will be met with a Major Paint Correction Detail and is guaranteed to transform your vehicle.


The Process:

  • Wheels cleaned, front face, behind-spokes and inner-rim

  • Wheel arches flushed/scrubbed, door shuts cleaned

  • Safe wash system using the two bucket method and pH neutral shampoo/snowfoam

  • Tar and iron/metallic contaminants treated

  • Surface contaminants removed with claybar

  • Vehicle rinsed and dried with plush, ultra soft microfibre drying towels

  • Blown dry to remove trapped water and eliminate drips

  • Delicate areas and trim taped-up or removed to aid machine polishing stage

  • 3-4 stage machine correction (cutting) to remove 95% of the paint defects

  • Vehicle re-washed to remove dust created from heavy cutting stage

  • Blown dry to free trapped water and eliminate drips

  • Further machine polished to refine the paint to a mirror-like, high gloss finish

  • Paintwork wiped over with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) to remove residues and oils leaving a slick, clean base

  • Single layer of synthetic paint sealant and/or wax applied (multi layers available at cost)

  • Trim/tyres dressed and protected as necessary including exhaust tips

  • Glass cleaned throughout

TIME TAKEN : 2 1/2 - 3 Days 

Price From : $ 700 +GST

**Prices will vary depending on Size of the car, Condition, Heavily Soiled or Damaged.**



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