Protection Detail


A wonderful detail for vehicles that are well maintained but are in need of a freshen up inside and out.

This Protection Detail is the "grass roots" of detailing.


To remove surface contaminants, re lustre the paint and to protect all exterior aspects of the car against the elements.

The Process:

  • Full exterior wash 

  • Wheels cleaned in and out

  • Clay bar to ensure a smooth surface

  • Cut and Polish to clean up the paint and bring out that shine!

  • Sealant applied to keep that shine!

  • Blown dry to remove trapped water and to eliminate drips 

  • Door jams cleaned

  • Glass cleaned, interior and exterior 

  • Full interior vacuum including luggage compartment

  • Rubbish removed

  • Shampoo of Seats and Carpet, stains removed where possible

  • Interior trim/plastics/leather Scrubbed Clean, marks removed where possible

  • Interior trim/plastics dressed where appropriate

Time taken : 4 - 6 hours 

PRICE : Small/Medium $400 +GST

          Large $500 +GST


**Prices will vary depending on Size of the car, Condition, Heavily Soiled or Damaged.**