New Car Detail

Paint Protection

"New cars delivered from the dealer should be in perfect condition right?" From our experience this is very rarely the case.

The New Car Detail is designed to get your vehicle to where it should be in terms of paint perfection. And then protection to give the vehicle the best fighting chance against the elements. 

The Process:

  • Full extensive safe wash process inc. decontamination stage

  • Blown dry to remove trapped water and eliminate drips

  • Single stage machine polish to pamper the paint, enhance gloss and remove surface defects such as marring and fine scratches 

  • Paintwork wiped over with IPA to remove remaining polish residues and oils 

  • Paint coated with WAX IS DEAD ULTIMATE

  • Glass cleaned throughout

  • Badges and grilles polished by hand and protected

  • Tyres dressed with long life tyre gel

  • Final quality inspection

Time Taken : 1 to 2 Days

Price : From $1500 +GST


Prices will vary depending on size/condition, heavily soiled or damaged 


  • New Car Detail Extra's Pack - $220
    - includes: wheel coating outer & full interior protection

  • HEAT for Wheel coatings -$80 (Face) / $150 (Face and Barrel) per wheel.

  • Fabric Coating - $35

  • Leather Treatment - $30

  ** All prices exclude GST **